Ferrit trade s.r.o. is a business company operating especially in the wholesale trade of commodities from the mines where company performs mining operations through the partnership of its parent company.

Benefits of Ferrit trade s.r.o.

Ferrit trade s.r.o. is a subsidiary of the reputable Czech company FERRIT s.r.o. – a manufacturer and supplier of wide range of its own mining technologies (over 1,800 variants) for transport and mining in the deep and strip mines. Ferrit s.r.o. has a majority position on the world markets since 1993, operates on the world territories, such as Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Slovenia, Russia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkey, Iran, China, India, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Vietnam, Albania, etc. and provides supplies of technologies and services for the mining and power engineering.    Ferrit s.r.o. employs 420 employees abroad, in the sales agencies and plants and 280 employees in production and technology development in the Czech Republic.

A world-wide operation of the parent company Ferrit s.r.o. as a business partner in major mining companies and powerful authorities owning the mines, especially in the raw material mining sector but also in the power engineering, creates – through the dedicated business company Ferrit trade s.r.o. – an attractive business opportunities for the subjects interested in supplies of mined raw materials and other goods.

The examples of marketable commodities